Small Business Accounting.

If you own a small business in or around Penrith, you may not want to sign up with an accountancy firm that is too big for your needs. As your local accountants, A Grade Tax focuses on helping small businesses grow and succeed with a range of expertise in accounting tailored to meet the specific needs of your small business whether it’s just you and a handful of staff or something more sizeable.

In addition to our comprehensive range of accounting services, our team are happy to help in any way we can in order to understand your business goals, outline the best ways for your small business to grow and develop, and eventually achieve these aims (if this is something that you’d like us to help with).

This is why we not only have simple and very affordable ‘tax only’ options but we also offer business advisory, tax planning and bookkeeping services (we have a team of amazing bookkeepers who are friendly and professional) as part of our comprehensive range of accounting services. We cover everything from business finances and business advice, to business structure and everything in between.

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Your Small Business Accountants.

As your small business tax accountant, we can assist with all your tax legalities and serve as the key advisors in Penrith.

We’ll help you identify opportunities for cost savings and to maximise ROI on your small business; advise how best to grow your small business, provide a wealth of knowledge on areas of maximum profitability and direction planning for the future.

Not only do we provide small businesses with the most efficient and affordable accounting services, but we can also advise on how to save money and stay within your budget. So whether you require bookkeeping or tax return preparation, A Grade Tax has an experienced accountant ready to assist with your business accounts.

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Your Local Penrith Bookkeepers.

We have a team of amazing local bookkeepers in Penrith who are friendly, professional and able to assist you as a small business owner whenever needed.

Via the use of industry-leading online accounting software that helps you keep track of all your small business expenses and financial statements, we can ensure you always know what business income is coming in (and what is going out); while also organising your finances and keeping you up to date with the latest accounting technicalities, especially around tax time.

If you would like more information about any of our services or the financial tools available to you to help with tax time please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Save money when you use A Grade Tax for your small business accountancy.

Many small business owners try to save on costs by handling financial and accounting tasks internally. What they fail to realize is just how much time is required to properly handle these responsibilities and that this kind of work only contributes to the downfall of SMEs.

A small business owner can lose track of supplier payments, miss out on invoices, and make poor cash management decisions without the help of a tax accountant. Not to mention the ‘bigger ticket’ items like setting up the correct business structure to provide you with the best base to work from.

These actions can lead to major headaches related to revenue and compliance. Failure to keep up with financial compliance could pose further problems, including penalties for not filing paperwork or falling behind on taxes.

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How A Grade Tax can help small business

A small business owner can wear many hats – sales, operations, marketing, human resources, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and administration. These tasks can be overwhelming if not handled correctly. Not to mention it is quite a lot for one business owner to juggle. It is detrimental to your small business if these tasks are not performed properly.

A Grade Tax can help with invoices and payments, payroll management, tax planning and compliance consulting, financial statements preparation and cash flow analysis. We can help with simple questions like what business bank account is best for your needs, what cloud-based accounting software (such as Xero) is best for your needs, whether you need a separate bank account, how can you streamline your business transactions etc. Our expert staff will provide you with the resources needed to ensure all areas of your small business are covered, maximizing efficiency in order to produce the best results possible.

A Grade Tax is dedicated to helping small business owners succeed by providing them with our services and showing them the most efficient ways to handle their finances. Our experienced team will be there as your advocate for accounting and give you all the tools you need to be successful in any industry.

We make handling your tax easier

A Grade Tax take care of all your financial and accounting requirements. We’re the leading provider of small business accountants in Penrith with a full team boasting an impressive list of credentials.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a small business accountant to handle your financial responsibilities is the time you will save. You are more focused on driving your business forward as opposed to dealing with paperwork, financial management and compliance issues. This allows you free personal time to spend with family and friends without worrying about the weight of work on your shoulders.

Outsourcing your accounting needs and having our team as your financial consultants will help you avoid costly financial mistakes. With the books in order, your business is ready for growth – a healthy balance sheet attracts investors and lets everyone know that they’re well taken care of.

A small business accountant that adapts as the world changes

Few industries have stayed the same over the past couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many small businesses conduct their operations and therefore so have our services and advice.

As small business accountancy evolves, it has become easier to manage your company with the help of cloud-based small business accounting software like Xero. Ensuring accurate bookkeeping is paramount if you want to succeed in any industry and A Grade Tax have the tools, advice and services needed to help you succeed in this new way of living. If you are looking for a bookkeeping system that can handle your accounting basics and be flexible with your chosen accounting method (and business structure) so your expense tracking, payroll taxes, bank statements and other financial information are easy to keep track of, speak to us today.

Don’t risk costly mistakes

Business accounting mistakes can be damaging for small businesses, which is why working with a company that specializes in taxation is so important. You won’t have to worry about missing any of the relevant deductions and we will keep your numbers safe from errors. We ensure your compliance is met every step of the way, so you can focus on what’s most important as a small business owner, running your small business!

We reduce unnecessary expenses for our clients and protect them so that they can save up for the journeys they want to take.

As a locally owned and operated small business accountant with decades of experience, we are proud to provide the best small business accounting services in Penrith.

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4.6/5 from 35+ Reviews

David Karlsen
David Karlsen

Made a booking and saw Max Connelly who took the time to listen and work through our tax. Max has also gone through our previous two tax returns which has resulted in a larger return. I have found Max and his team approachable and professional. Great Job.

Andrew Seck
Andrew Seck

I thoroughly recommend A Grade Taxation Accountants to handle your accounting needs. Allana was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Furthermore, my wife and I felt that Max was incredibly attentive to every detail and took a personal interest in making sure we understood every process.

Nicole S
Nicole S.
True Local

This is the second year my husband & I have gone to A Grade Tax & we highly recommend them. Max in particular spent quality time explaining various things without the tax / accounting jargon to ensure we both understood which we really appreciated. Thanks A Grade Tax!

Matt Flynn
Matt Flynn

I have been using A Grade Tax for the past 3 years. Tynna always goes above and beyond! On my last return, she even advised me of certain items that I could claim which I had no idea of. I would highly recommend this service to anyone (and have already told a few colleagues). A+

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